What kind of people will not succeed in life?

These were truly based on personal perception & are top secret formula.

People who give up.
People who thought can’t fought back are looser. They easily drop their idea.

Most influential person are optimist. They believe in themselves. They believe in surroundings with positive hope. Negative thought create negative vibe around them.

Never judge other. There is story behind every cover. Don’t demotivate anyone.

It needs more energy to bounce back when you fall with overconfidence matter. It hurts your ego.

No passion, no aim, no plan, no success. You have to show passion & dedication to your work.

Forget the past, live in present to build youself. Your ambition is your hope or choose another option of failure.

Fail to accept changes.
The most failure are from these catagories. Who never accept the failure/changes can’t achieve success.


And another failure group is backbiter. These may vary from culture to culture. Who had a habit of critisizing never see a clear side of mirror.

Less failure frequency.
Double your failure rate & thrice your success. It is a mathmatical tool to boost yourself.

Uncommited & undetermined people.
If you want success, be determined & committed towards your work. What you learn is what you acheived. Your determination is your follower.

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