A human Brain is a processing unit of thought, it is like a generator. Thousands of thought move in & out of our mind. According to research, our Brain consume 150-200 calorie in a day that is almost 20% energy of our body. It is must useful & consumable parts that almost generate 60,000-80,000 thoughts in a day means it generate 3000-3500 thoughts in an hour. Among them 90% thoughts are repeated or useless of which 85% thoughts are negative. So, normally we cannot avoid negatives thoughts from our Brain. It is essential to control our Brain.
Isn’t these data too much? Do you think, you processed more than these thoughts?
We are unware of these facts. Our cognitive science also supports us weather we are introvert or extrovert. Normally Introvert thinks more than Extrovert but data is not much higher. The expression of their idea & thoughts makes them diverse but storing for long time can cause damage to Brain like physical memory. It stores more cache with time. Causing of anxiety & mental disorder is all related to functioning of our Brain.
It is not possible to exterminate our thoughts to less number but yes, it can shrink a little. People who think more about whether they are right have more cells in an area of the brain known as the frontal lobes. The monk or one who meditate unceasingly can reduce their thought around 30,000 in a day but these number is also not exact simulation. Living in a moment is main strategy beyond these. However, we can control it for overthinking.
There were innumerable ideas or excerise proven by cognitive science to control over our mind somehow. The best option include mediatation. It is almost best option to carry on who really want to control mind & keep it peace. The various exercise including gym, swimming, dancing, hiking that genrates more activation of neurons which is responsible for transmitting nerve signals to and from the brain at up to 200 mph.
Normally, we can copy out our ideas in diary to reduce repeated thoughts which seemlessly improve positive thoughts to roam in our Brain & utilize it more effectivly. Best thoughts need to take in action.

As we conclude, The thought cann’t be neglected. So Let it go, let it be float. Let your inner music absorb & turn it productive. Cognitive psychologist Dr Tracy Alloway from the University of Stirling, who was not involved in the latest study, said that some people have a tendency to brood too much and this primes to a risk of depression.
Let it Float though!!!

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